Tourism Law of Fiji

Published: 22nd June 2011
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The economic backbone of Fiji relies heavily on tourism and sugar industry; these two industries are also responsible for their foreign currency. Tourism law in Fiji is eclectic and it is divided into two parts. First, the general law which often apply to the tourism industry in an unexpected way like in the situation of crisis, damage of disappointment. Second is the industry specific law which involves cultural and commercial transactions, cross border social, which arguably raise more regulatory challenges for this industry than perhaps any other. Fiji government made this law to regulate relations between citizen, economic entity, state and organizations for tourism promotion, provision of tourism services as well as engagement in tourism industry.

For tourism organizations, Fiji government has formed the law to perform following activities:
• To provide and promote the whole and retail sales of tourism products and services, and organize tours for countrymen as well as foreigners.
• To book, buy and sell air, railroad and other transportation tickets.
• To make tourists arrival, departure and service arrangements.
• To make hotel, tourist camp accommodation and leisure reservations.
• To compile visa related applications and travel related documents.

Power of tourism organization decided by Fiji Government:
• To operate tourism activities on behalf of government.
• To buy, sell or promote its own tourism services and products.
• To furnish tourists with up-to-date information on Fiji government structure, history, cultures and traditions.
• To take necessary measures in its power to protect & preserve the national properties of high, historical & cultural and report to the concerned organization to take appropriate actions against violations.
• To involve its touring staffs in certified training courses.
• To conclude contracts with tourism service organizations.
• To decide prices and tariffs of its tourism services and products.
• To obtain grading from the relevant organizations.
• To organize the tour in the environmental-friendly way that will contribute the socio-economic development of Fiji and health and traditions of local citizens.

Duties & powers of the state tourism operator by government of Fiji:
• To examine the state of the tourism legislation fulfillment by the tourism organization.
• To have access to the appropriate organizations concerns for inspection purposes.
• To submit proposals to the state administration on downgrading hotels failing to comply with standard grade.
• To inspect various documents of person in violation of tourism legislation and take appropriate action.
Thus, you can see that Fiji is very safe and secure country for tourism for their strict and firm laws and you can enjoy your vacation peacefully there.

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